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We take you on a journey of space and time, where something ends and something begins, a threshold of an unknown universe, where we explore, self-reflect and loop on through infinite space & rhythms.

"Lab59 is a moment"

A moment when design and architecture take on new meanings. Space is no longer a linear perception. At Lab59, The journey becomes so much more than mere back and forth.

For developers pursuing Flourishing community developments in Egypt, Lab59 Architects is the boutique design studio that provides unique, modern design concepts to boost the worth of the developer’s real estate assets.

Founded in 2007 as side business and re-lunched  in 2014  by architects, Yassin Elhamaky and Nour El Deen Khaled, Lab59 is a Cairo based design studio specialized in the fields of Real estate development, architecture, interior, landscape and experimental design.

Lab59 is one of the noticeably growing design studios in the Middle East, continuously adding to its portfolio of innovative and inspiring design projects, which clearly reflected its distinctive style and aesthetic values.

Each of our projects is an outcome of a meticulous creative process founded upon our experience in real estate development, and a deep understanding of the needs of a new generation of real estate consumers in Egypt.


The Founders

Nour El Deen Khaled
Co-Founders & CDO

 As the Chief Design officer and Co-founder of Lab59 architects, Nour is a Multi-talented architect & designer with considerable years’ of experience in a broad range of disciplines, including Architecture, interior design, product design, exhibition design, and design research.

Academically, He was from the selected students to join the cross-cultural interdisciplinary studio program between Clemson University at South Carolina in the USA & Ain Shams University in Egypt.
He professionally designed a vast array of projects both in Middle East and internationally. Exploring different cultures and challenging environments.

M Yassin El Hamaky

As Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Yassin manages the overall health and growth of Lab59 Architects locally and globally, allowing the studio’s designers, thinkers and innovators to focus on what they do best. He oversees finances, operations and business development, and is responsible for optimizing Lab59’s cash flow, developing the organization and executing strategic priorities.

He and his partner Nour el Deen founded lab59 in 2007 and in Parallel Yassin was playing a big part in Mountain view as a real estate Development manager, till lab59 became his fulltime job in 2016, He led Business teams to Develop, lunch and operate multiple projects, he hired Callison-RTKL to develop the master plan for one of the projects he was managing.

Yassin graduated from Ain Shams University in 2008. He was chosen to represent his class and joined a cross culture studio for developing the pyramids plateau in collaboration with Clemson University, SC, USA.

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