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Typology: Residential

Location: New Cairo - Egypt 

Year: 2009

Area: 2300m2

Scope: Architecture concept design

Status: Constructed 

Owner: Private

Challenge: Off-plan sales of the first phase of a development’s have been slow creating a cash flow problem for the developer. How would a 2nd phase yield higher revenues and faster inflows without increasing the building cost.

Our solution: Our market research showed a 20% higher ROI for modern-style residential buildings in New Cairo. Younger buyers have been moving into the suburb and were more sensitive to overall unit prices than to meter prices.

Besides the modern façade, we recommended that each unit was divided into two apartments. Front view units were sold for a premium upon construction, while back-view units were sold off-plan at a higher price per meter than 1st phase apartments.

To maintain the original construction budget , all recommended materials would be sourced locally. Lighting studies have been conducted to recommend a low-cost lighting solution that helps the development stand out in its urban setting.

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