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Typology: Residential 

Location: El Mansoureya - Egypt 

Year: 2019

Area: 500m2 

Scope: Architecture & Interior design full scope + Supervision 

Status: Under construction 

Owner: Private 

Khalifa Guest House (KGH) is a project of a unique nature, where as the design style was selected to reflect what the space functions as and holds, giving it a strong, followed through cultural experience. The objective was to transform a undersigned built form into a building designed to add value and be recognized within the horse breeding industry. Based on the heritage of the original inhabitants of the space (the Arabian horses), the local architecture and resources of the area and environmental considerations, we chose to design the building using load bearing walls, reflecting the Arabian/Nubian style. Our client being young and progressive all interior spaces carry the same identity in structure and material but contrast in style in the furniture selected.

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